Tips For Newborn Photography

The birth of the first new born to a family is one of the most biggest and special events in the parents’ lives. Parents love to capture this special moment by taking photographs, which is where the collection of photographs begins. You can take your own photographs, but why do that when there are specialist who take photographs of new born babies? Any new photographer and yourself can become a new born photography by mastering the essential skills. Here are a few tips of how you can be a newborn photographer.

The requirement of the parents

Right before you schedule the photography session, you need to sit down with the parents to be and understand their requirement. This conversation will ensure that you understand the parents, the profiles of the parents and also what their expectations are. This will help you plan the portraits of the photographs.

The photography style

There are two different types of newborn photography, which are lifestyle and posed. Based on the requirement of the parents, you need to ensure that you follow through. In normal scenarios, the photographs of the newborn will be taken within two weeks after birth. But you need to remember that since babies are unpredictable you need to be sensitive to them and their behaviour as well.


Do no forget about the backdrops when shooting in a studio. If you have been taking photos of newborn regularly, you would know that you need to add pastel colours, plan colours and use appropriate colours based on the gender. Do not forget to get some floor coverings that will match the backdrops as well. The colours must be neutral and ensure that the parents are given the choice to choose as well.


Newborn cannot deal with a large amount of light as their eyesight is still in the process of developing. If bright light hits them at such a small age, they might even be blind as they grow up. You need to ensure that they will not be scared of the lighting as well. The correct lighting is key to ensure that the photographs are high quality. Using natural light is the best way rather than using light sources which might even make the photograph seem artificial. You need to make sure that the photograph focuses on the baby and not on any other things that are around. Do not forget to the get correct type of lens as well. There is a range of lenses such as macro lenses, which will capture the tiniest details.

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